Turkey Show and Competition

The turkey show has concluded. We would like to thank to everyone who participated and everyone who voted. We would also like to give a big thank you the Linn County Cultural Coalition, who made this show possible.

Your Turkeys can be picked up now. Please make sure you get yours by Saturday. If you are a winner, we would like to get your picture! Please try to come down at noon on Thursday so we can take a picture of you and your winning bird. Even if you are not a winner, we’d love a picture of you with your turkey.

If you cannot pick your turkey up this week, please call and make arrangements to pick it up later. If you want to donate your turkey, let us know.

Please take a moment to fill out a brief survey. This will help us plan for future events. Watch this space for upcoming shows.

People’s Choice and Artists’ Choice Winners

And all of the other creative birds

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